Passenger only ferries

These could service all communities in Georgia Straight like bus routes, year round.

 Fast ferries.

5 Responses to Passenger only ferries

  1. Rob Stewart says:

    Although a fixed bridge link would save driving time, I am against it.
    The price is enormous, and there are other projects in the Lower Mainland with a higher priority.
    I much prefer the idea of passenger only ferries.
    These could commute from Gibsons / Sechelt to downtown Vancouver, and to other places in the Howe Sound area.
    Also, many people move up to the Peninsula to escape the astronomical housing costs of Vancouver.
    If The Sunshine Coast is integrated into the Metro Vancouver area, prices will shoot up.
    Additionally, people go to the Sunshine Coast to savour a slower, more rural pace of life.
    This risks becoming suburbia if a fixed link is put in.
    Passenger-only ferries wouyld be great for commuters, and avoid the monstrous scar that a bridge / tunnel project would create.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. Gordon Jillings says:

    I think the passenger only ferries would be the best from horseshoe bay to Gibsons

  3. Gordon Jillings says:

    I think that is a great idea for the passenger only ferry to gibsons

  4. Oddvin says:

    Most commuters and students have to get downtown, and few need a car, one can get from there to everywhere, including the airport. Passenger only ferries will in the near future criss cross Georgia Straight, from Campbell River to Vancouver like a bus service. The Langdale terminal is fine. If BC Ferries does not take this opportunity, other more progressive companies will. here is a link to the latest in passenger ferries.

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