A simple causeway

Romsdalsaksen: Mange mener at Romsdalsaksen vil bli både billigere og bedre enn Møreaksen. (Foto: Romsdalsaksen)

The causeway at a Porteau Cove Crossing can be as simple as this.

The narrow crossing of the deep sea shipping lane can be a tunnel, a conrete pipe or a bridge.

George says: A view of a Marine Chart shows this is the narrowest and most shallow place for a crossing of Howe Sound.

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Mainland to mainland – Ferries no option !

Sunshine Coast Connector – A Fixed Link – from Mainland to mainland

Ferries are no option !

Robert says: do you wanna pay rent(Ferry) forever or do you want to pay off a mortgage(fixed link)…..?And be done with it.!


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300 voted – 22 prefere the ferries

300 have voted on this blog, 278 prefere a Fixed Link, 22 prefere to use the ferries.

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Massey tunnel bridge – A Fixed Link forever

If the replacement bridge for the Massey Tunnel is not on solid foundation, take a break and build the Fixed Link first!

Ferries are used where one can not build a Fixed Link.

The Sunshine Coast can be connected, and that Link will be used many many years after a Ferry is scrap metal or better, an artificial reef.


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Another project approved – building start 2018

This huge project now appoved in Norway

use Google translate

A long bridge and 3 long tunnels

Image result for nordoyvegen

This will provide ferry free connections for 3 200 people!

The Sunshine Coast populations of Gibsons, Sechelt, Pender Harbour, and Powell River still landlocked, and part of the mainland!

In addition Vancouver Island connection via Comox Ferry are then only one ferry ride away in stead of three! Build a Fixed Link now! Benefits to all of BC.

More info,     utube,   municipal info, Haram,  and in English

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Cost of a Fixed Link

Williams says:

Your math is way off. Government figures indicate construction costs at about 2 billion. Currently about 1,070,000 vehicles per year on the ferry. With a $20 toll, the total annual revenue would be $21,400,000. Ignoring interest the payback period would be 93 years, not 12.5 years.

Oddvin says:

You are right. But my proposal is a simple crossing at Porteau Cove, using the only shallow in Howe Sound, at a fraction of the cost. Most of the crossing will be a causeway or a viaduct, with a short bridge, tunnell, or my choice; a concrete pipe, to enable ship traffic in the narrow shipping lane.
The cost estimate above was also just for the actual crossing. Not including 16,2 km. road with 3 short tunnells, (instead of building roads hanging outside of the cliffs, like some of the Sea to Sky), and two bridges, at Potlach and McNab Creek, to Port Mellon at $ 420 M.
A Fixed Link would double the traffic, or more, and then the figures would match.

Note also the Comox additional increased ferry traffic, used by mid and north Vancouver Island, as they would save two ferries. Many of them would turn left and drive through Squamish, Pemberton and Kamloops to get back east.
And I agree, I like bridges, but two Golden Gate bridges over Anvil is not viable, too costly and not a pretty sight.

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B.C.’s remote ‘best kept secret’

B.C.’s remote ‘best kept secret’

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