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Mainland or Island ?

Mainland is a large landmass in a region.

Island is any landmass surrounded by water.

The Sunshine Coast is a Mainland, a natural part of the total landmass of BC and Canada.

But we, the land locked residents, and the visitors, experience the Sunshine Coast as an Island, and are treated as such.

Because: We have no road connection to and from the coast to the inland. Our future will soon demand that. We should have built one years ago, but now is the opportunity. The economy is slow, and this coast connector would give it a kick start.

In the meantime we have to rely on the BC Ferries. That is still just a temporary solution, and not an efficient way of transport people and goods, year round, 24 hours. Highways with tunnels and bridges are.

Oh yes, we have the “no-sayers”. “We have found it, and we don’t want any more to move here” But most of you are now pensioners, and really, sooner or later you have to give away to the future, a new generation, and give the coast a road.

The Coast Connector to the mainland is just the beginning of a landfast road to mid Vancouver Island, and for the one that have some real foresight: A Pacific Coastal Highway to Prince Rupert with many ferries, bridges and tunnels.

There are three routes from Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast, all with their own merit.

Route 1: Tunnel and/or floating bridges, first Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island, Then a series of spectacular curved bridges and road fillings via Paisley and Keats Islands to Gibsons area. This would be the Scenic Route.

Route 2: Tunnel and/or floating bridges to Bowen, Gambier and Port Mellon. This would be the most beneficial way, and open up the wast reserves of land on the two Islands, creating new bedroom communities to Vancouver.

Route 3: The absolute easiest to sell to all interested parties, and the most economical to build in the short run.

A crossing at Porteau Cove to Defence Islets. Here is an underwater ridge, may be suitable for a tunnel, or concrete tunnel, and certainly the easiest bridge crossing, floating or suspension.

A tunnel from Potlatch Creek to McNab Creek, and one from there to Longview and Port Mellon.

The surplus rock could be used to build a new terminal for deep sea shipping and container traffic in this area.

A new highway to Sechelt, crossing Sechelt with a bridge, viaduct style.

For the future, continue to Pender Harbour, crossing Agamemnon Channel, Nelson and Hardy Islands, and a floating bridge to Evenden Point area an on to Powell River.

The ground conditions would decide where the tunnels, floating concrete tunnels and bridges, would go to Mid Vancouver Island, via Texeda and Lasqueti, probably starting at Wood Bay – Middle Point area.

These type of roads and connectors are built all over the world, crossing deep fjords, any weather conditions and replacing costly ferry runs. The time has come now to complete one here.

After a Mainland Connector Company is established and given the go ahead, planning and construction would be easy and quick, completion in two to three years.

Financing would be done with a fee, half the cost of a ferry ride, and paid back in 10 to 20 years. The cost of maintenance is far less then cost of operating the ferries.

When paid off, the Mainland Connector would be free, and part of our Coastal Highway.

An Island no more.

But there would be some major changes to the Sunshine Coast, all to the better I would argue:

A major barrier to living and doing business on the coast would disappear, no longer being treated as Island.

The population would double and include more younger people and families. It is after all, the finest place to live in the world, most would agree.

Workers and students could commute to work, both ways, by car or bus. Medical appointments, other meetings or visits much easier, even on holidays.

Business would establish on the coast, because now we can sustain a local economy.

One could go to night school, see a hockey, football, any game, or an evening at the theatre, family gatherings, and so on, and still get home, both ways.

Travel to and from the International Airport, by bus if you want, not forced to stay overnight.

One could visit and have a dinner in town, or on the coast, and drive home.

One could recreate or enjoy the coast, and get back to Vancouver whenever, vice versa.

Lower mainland people could enjoy the local hospitality and recreation.

Transport cost would go down on all gods and traffic, to and from.

And yes, more people would want to live on the coast, merchants would profit, businesses would establish, sustain and thrive, and life would be good for all !

No island, no more !

26 Responses to Maps and charts

  1. Mario says:

    I totally agree with this proposal.
    Sign me up.

  2. I agree also. Does anybody find it odd that we cannot drive to our provincial capital, Victoria? We have to endure inefficient and expensive ferries. For me to drive my motor home to Vancouver Island from the Sunshine Coast where I am in sight of the island, I not only incur a ferry cost of about $500 but it takes me almost all day to get there. Totally ridiculous. Build the bridges/tunnels. I will happily pay a reasonable toll.

    • Marcus Hedin says:

      Appreciate your frustration! But what I had in mind was a much more “adapted” ferry system that could addres your needs much more efficiently.

      • Oddvin says:

        Thank you,
        I am promoting the use of smaller passenger only ferries, like buses, they should serve all the communities in Georgia Straight, and indeed all the way to Pr. Rupert.

      • Gordon Jillings says:

        I think the. Ferry service is much better and needs improvement

    • Gordon Jillings says:

      The water in the Georgia straight is way too deep

  3. Marcus Hedin says:

    I have often though that the Sunshine Coast is relegated to “island status” due to geography, and I appreciate and deeply respect you concerns and aspirations. However, there are other issues that come into play, For example, I am told that The Sunshine Coast already has one of the very highest rates of drug abuse and civil crime in SW BC. Given the enormous cost of the crossing, I would first prefer that large-scale funding be addressed to that. As to your needs for connectedness, I would implement a network of passenger commuter ferries (mentioned in this blog) not only to Horseshoe Bay but to downtown Vancouver, and among the islands and principal towns of the Sechelt region. Also, having smaller, but more frequent car ferries : ie: Sechelt > Langdale > Bowen > Horsehoe bay, Or Langdale > Gambier with a study option Horsehoe Bay / Squamish – and such other – would give the region the “connectedness” it seeks at a better vale-for-money rate, and could and should provide an increase and extension of needed social services.

    • Todd says:

      Hi Marcus, I’m one of almost an entire generation of Sunshine Coast youth that went off to post secondary school and never came back. I will suggest that the ‘drug abuse and civil crime’ issues I witnessed and occasionally participated in while growing up on the Sunshine Coast were at least partially due to the fact that the region is so isolated (more so drug abuse in my case). Young people are bored out of their minds and they know they will have to leave their friends and family behind if they want to pursue careers outside of trades, forestry, or restaurants. Knowing you will have to leave your family , friends, town, and life behind is not a healthy mind-state for young people to live under. For those who stay, having your peer group torn apart by economic and educational realities can’t be healthy either. Furthermore, growing up in a claustrophobic village environment with small peer groups does not help, and while residents fear growth, a bridge and the growth it would facilitate would go some way towards alleviating that atmosphere. It is often said best thing about the Coast is knowing everyone, but that it is also simultaneously one of the worst things… I am fairly comfortable in my career now, making a good wage. I look at the housing prices in Vancouver and shudder. A bridge (or bridges) might just be the only thing that brings me and my disposable income back to the town I used to call home. Not interested vehicle and passenger ferries, they’re one of the reasons I left.

  4. (1)(a)How about a bridge connection from Squamish to north of Woodfibre? Then run a road down to Woodfibre to Pt. Mellon to Langdale, and Gibsons. (b) Instead of LNG at Woodfibre (maybe a problem of high winds causing sparks to fly from open flame chimney during hot dry summers, potentially forest fire hazard?), subdivide the 300 acres to be RESIDENTIAL + Woodfibre Hotel-Casino. All that hinterland around for housing and permaculture farming (-if on treaty land then 99-year leasehold, and everything else freehold).
    (2)Eventually connect to Vancouver Island by island hopping across north of Lund to north of Campbell River via Quadra Island? This opens up all of Vancouver Island for development.

  5. Mark Schizel says:

    #3 makes the most sense and does not destroy Bowen or Gambier or Keats.

    • Oddvin says:

      Fully agree, and how do you bring a 4 lane highway over Keats and through Downtown Gibsons to connect with a bypass road to Powell River/Comox. Porteau Cove is the only way, and probably with a concrete tube on the shallow seabed to allow ship traffic.

      • Gordon Jillings says:

        The ferry service on the langdale horseshoe bay route should be every hour on the hour

    • Gordon Jillings says:

      The bridge proposal violates the island policy

    • Gordon Jillings says:

      I agree with the ferry services to the Sunshine Coast

  6. Emily says:

    You seem to forget that the communities you envision building bridges through are actually… communities. that means they are filled with people – residents of all ages, some of whom are also those “pensioners” you so happily write off – who built these communities and may not want our homes to become frontage roads to your highway. We also do not want, for what it’s worth, our homes to become gazing platforms for your deep sea shipping and container traffic.
    Unfortunately your ideas and the way you speak about them stink of a highly arrogant privileged worldview, where you see only opportunities for industrial profit and forget about the very human rewards that profit was once intended to bring.
    I am also one of those kids who grew up here. But I see my parents and the rest of our elders as resources; not roadblocks. It’s great to have ideas – progress demands great ideas – but I encourage you to think a little more deeply about the potential consequences of your ideas.

  7. Richard Bastin says:

    Richard a Gambier Island resident. In my humble opinion any one of the 3 proposals would receive my undying support

  8. Rob Stewart says:

    I thought it had already been decided that a road connector would go up and around Howe Sound, crosing at Brunswick Bay or thereabouts.

    Please, do not make the Sunshine Coast intonanother Suburb of Vancouver !!!!

  9. Gordon Jillings says:

    The water in Howe sound is too deep for the bridge please keep the langdale horseshoe bay route because it is making money foot passenger ramps at langdale need to be installed to improve on. Time ferry performances

    • Oddvin says:

      Take a look at the charts, a simple crossing at Porteau Cove, also serving Woodfibre LNG. Three short tunnels and two bridges and you are in Port Mellon.
      Footpassenger ramp walkway at Langdale in the plans, and needed.
      Until a Fixed Link is completed, run the ferries all night, with discounts, and the day traffic will not have all the overloads.
      A new bypass road to Earls Cove for the Powell River and Comox Ferry traffic.

  10. Gordon Jillings says:

    Please email me back

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