Fixed link study released


I have just read the study, and must make some comments, not in order of importance.

  • Thank you , even if it was a year late.
  • The terms of referance was too narrow. Communities, interest groups and organizations should have had input.
  • The study looks at a link to Gibsons, and Sechelt. These are two relative small communities that are doing well, and better if they had a reliable transportation to the Mainland.
  • The Sunshine Coast is not an Island, but part of the Mainland.
  • The largest town on the Sunshine Coast is Powell River. They initiated this desperate request. They have to take two ferries. They, and the lower Sunshine Coast, have also the extra traffic from Comox, mid Vancouver Island. They now have to take 3 ferries.
  • They could have only one.
  • All they need is a bypass road on the Sechelt peninsula.
  • All this not mentioned in the study.
  • The cost of purchasing and operating ferries compared to a Link.
  • A Fixed Link would last 100 years or more
  • A ferry may be 40, with 2 or 3 refits.
  • The enviromental savings using cars in stead of ferries.
  • The cost of operating and upgrading terminals.
  • This cost alone would finance a crossing.
  • All this area is part of the Mainland.
  • Highway 1 – Trans Canada – ends in Horsehoe Bay, this is just an extention, on the same Mainland.
  • The study only looked at the most costly crossing, two Golden Gate bridges over Anvil Island. The only reasonable crossing is at Porteau Cove, where the Howe Sound is shallow. Not mentioned at all.
  • The study should have looked at a marine chart.
  • That crossing can also link Woodfibre LNG, our largest employer to be.
  • There was no mention of passenger only ferries, a must.
  • There was no mention of land development, residential, commercial and waterfront deep sea docks. All a shortage in Burrard Inlet.
  • The Sunshine Coast have plenty.
  • There was no mention of getting much of the West Van traffic spread over 24 hrs. on Sea to Sky.
  • There was no mention of the traffic that would prefere Squamish, Pemberton to Pr. George or Kamloops on the way east, avoiding West and North Van, and Fraser Vally.

Stay tuned, this is the beginning, not the end of a Fixed Link

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1 Response to Fixed link study released

  1. Tv says:

    Hi, you may want to update your posts slightly. Highway 1 does not end in Horseshoe Bay; the western terminus is in Victoria. The highway includes the ferry route to Nanaimo and then goes south to Victoria. A bridge or other fixed link to the Sunshine Coast would probably be considered to be part of Highway 101.

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