The George Massey Tunnel

The George Massey Tunnel  might be a hinder to get a quick ok for a Sunshine Coast Fixed Link. This Link is more important to BC than the proposed 10 lane bridge.

(length: 344 ft (104.9 m); height: 24 ft (7.3 m); width: 78 ft (23.8 m)).

To me it looks as 7,3 m ceiling height. Build two lanes with double deck, trucks and buses must the use only the lanes with full height.

Several GM Tunnels should be installed on the South and North Arm, and indeed, a couple crossing the Burrard Inlet, and one from Deep Cove to Balaclava.

Langdale ferry replaced in Horseshoe Bay with a fast passenger only vessel. One of  the Nanaimo ferries can now with a Fixed link use the Langdale Terminal. You will be surprized of how much of the Island traffic will turn left and drive through Squamish, Pemberton, Duffy Lake and go east, avoiding West/North Van and Fraser Valley.

Late news: Bridge problems


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