10-lane bridge to replace the aging George Massey Tunnel.

10-lane bridge to replace the aging George Massey Tunnel.

Put this costly project, that does not solve anything, on hold. If the main thing is to get larger vessels up the Fraser, then no, the Fraser need less vessel traffic. We have harbours and docks that can handle the traffic with more and larger vessels. One, two or more tunnels can fix the crossing of the south arm.

The Fixed Link, mainland to Sunshine Coast mainland, and a Bypass Road to Powell River, connecting with the Comox ferry, will give many times the economic value to BC, and cost a lot less.

Look at the ferry traffic , now a problem every day, not only summer and long weekends. Until the Link and the Bypass Road are in place, run two ferries, day and night, cost whatever it cost, and start build sections of critical bypass roads. In addition use larger, faster passenger only ferries, operated by BC Ferries or on long term contracts.

Crossing Howe Sound at Montagu Channel that runs between Anvil Island and the mainland, including Porteau Cove area. A road with 3 tunnels brings you to Port Mellon.

The only way to cross is here at Porteau Cove, where we have the only relative shallow ground. The narrow shipping channel can be crossed with a concrete pipe, brigde or tunnel. The rest is a causeway. All the traffic will be spread over 24 hr. on Sea to Sky, avoiding Horseshoe Bay. A lot of the Comox traffic will go east via Squamish, Pemberton, Duffy Lake, Pr. George or Kamloops, avoiding West and North Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley.

This should connect with Woodfibre LNG, a very valuable new industry for BC and Canada. More deep sea ports can be located at Potlach and McNab Creek, in addition to the exsisting one in Port Mellon.

This will revitalize the whole coast, take some pressure of Vancouver area, and greatly benefit all of BC, including Vancouver Island.  Another benefit is that Trans Canada Highway 1. will open up further west, not stop in Horsehoe Bay.

This is a major transportation infrastructure project to benefit all of BC. A joint project of Canada, BC , Native Nations and investors, not political.

As an old Socred, working with socio-economic development in that era, I might have a wider perspective of the many current problems, and how to solve them. Remember the Coquihalla, paid off in record time. But, do we really need Site C in todays greener world ?

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