Open house

Hi all, 

I went to an open house in West Vancouver tonight. It was really good meeting and talking to other people who are pro and contra for the link. I also talked to MLA Jordan Sturdy. He seems to be for the link and he needs to hear your opinion!! He needs to know the public opinion to act! Please go to the open houses and spread your thoughts!!!

Thank you Elena !

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  1. Neil Elliott says:

    Below you will find a note regarding the Public Open House.

    However, I am providing direct links here to the information and online survey for your feedback and participation, assuming you won’t make one of the open houses this week.

    I am advocating for the fixed link – via Anvil Island.

    I ask for your support by filling out the online survey, in favour of one of the fixed link scenarios, hopefully Anvil Island link! (please send to everyone who will vote in favour of the fixed link and ask them to vote YES)

    Deadline for feedback is November 8, 2016!

    Summary/Overall Information/Landing page

    Larger Map showing Routes and details of travel times

    Click to access sunshine-coast-map.pdf

    Public Consultation Materials

    Click to access sunshine-coast-map.pdf

    Open House Display Boards

    Click to access scfl-display-boards.pdf

    Online Feedback Form – Please submit your FEEDBACK (Anvil Island link please)

    Downloadable Feedback Form (alternative to the online form)

    Click to access scfl-feedback.pdf

    May we finally get rid of the ferries, enabling free and unfettered access to and from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast!


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