Sechelt traffic resolved ?

I live in Powell River which has an estimated population of 22000. As mentioned earleer our population has declined but the really noticeable change is the average age. Fewer young families ( only 1 high school now but 2 earlier and several primary school closures.

A BRIDGE TO THE LOWER SUNSHINE COAST WOULD assist in bringing more tourists further north and I favour the rout to port Mellon via Porteau cove but another problem remains and that is how does the traffic congestion in Seschelt get resolved?

Thank you Gordon,

the Sunhine Coast Connector or Fixed Link does not work without a bypass road. From Potlach Creek to Port Mellon a new 4 lane highway, 3 tunnels and 2 bridges. From Port Mellon to Sechelt, new 4 lane bypass road. Viaduct style over Sechelt following the Hydro lines. From Sechelt to Earls Cove area, mostly new 2 lane, Trout Lake to Middlepoint is ok.

I propose to bridge the Agamemnon Channel, and a new temporary Ferry Terminal at Vanguard Bay. A floating bridge, submersed for shipping lanes must be designed and built to Saltery Bay. Until then a very short ferry ride. The Comox Ferry can also dock there, only one ferry from Vancouver Island in stead of 3. The next step is the same floating concrete pipe from Nelson to Texeda and to Comox, submersed only in the shipping lanes.

Most of the Island traffic going east, will turn left and go through Squamish, Pemberton, Duffy Lake through Pr. George or Kamloops to Edmonton , Calgary or further east. They would avoid West and North Vancouver, Second Narrows and Fraser Valley. A vinner for everybody!

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