A comment on the Connector

“A fixed link between Sunshine Coast and Mainland would result in a significant economic benefit to BC. Federal Infrastructure funding makes sense but expect competitive pressure from Alberta and other provinces vying for same funds. Can BC government pull off a Mega project of this scale remains to be seen.”  

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2 Responses to A comment on the Connector

  1. Kel says:

    Jeez….one step at a time.
    Road between squamish and port melon….first. …jeez


  2. Steve says:

    Other things to consider that may not have been mentioned regarding a fixed crossing is this is not just a benefit to the Sunshine Coast but to the whole province. Opening up access to a huge land area with multiple communities so close to Vancouver would relieve housing affordability pressure and concerns of the Metro Vancouver area. Provincial concerns regarding affordability issues in housing could be addressed as supply of homes increase with the close proximity to Vancouver. Families could reasonably live in the Sunshine Coastarea and commute to Vancouver. (I have commuted to work in Vancouver from the Coast via the ferry system it, it does not work).

    Natural supply and demand forces could relieve the so called housing crisis and affordability problems. Provincial policy, basically taxation, always a thorny issue with one side or the other would not be needed. A win win scenario, the Coast with new and vibrant residents adding to our community, increased tourism adding much needed wealth to the area and quick and easy access to and from the Metro Vancouver area. If you look at a map of the lower mainland there are not too many ways to expand into.

    I am old enough to remember the nation building and how the governments of the day opened up this country and province. They had vision and the resolve to make those dreams a reality to the benefit of all. Do we have leaders like this today? I believe we do.

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