A pleasing design

Just another pleasing design

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3 Responses to A pleasing design

  1. Sandy says:

    A bridge/road will bring the following to the Coast:


  2. Sarita chand says:

    It will be a economical and more efficient way to travel back and forth.

  3. Sandy says:

    @Sarita, how do you calculate this?

    RE: more efficient
    If a bridge/tunnel etc. goes over Anvil, it will take OVER an hour of driving time from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay. At least on the ferry, you can take a break from driving, go to the bathroom and have a snack. Even if you include time waiting for the ferry, you will not save any time or at best, you might break even.

    RE: economical
    Calculate the toll costs each way plus gas. Again, the BEST outcome is that you will break even between tolls/gas and ferry cost. But there are hidden costs in terms of increased taxes for local road improvements which will not be covered by bridge tolls.

    The proposed fixed link options are what is best LNG port, not for residents of Vancouver or the Coast. A connection over Bowen/Keats might actually save time but this option is not even on the table. So let’s not pretend that this bridge is for us and infer benefits for people that are simply not there because will all hate the ferries.

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