The World’s Longest/Newest Underwater Tunnel

The World’s Longest/Newest Underwater Tunnel

This is one way to connect with Vancouver Island !

Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Safety Systems Inforgraphic


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2 Responses to The World’s Longest/Newest Underwater Tunnel

  1. yvrlutyens says:

    Unfortunately this is not a way to connect to Vancouver Island. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is an immersed tube tunnel, a design that can only be built in shallow water. This particular one will be built the deepest ever built with the bottom of the tunnel being 40m under the level of the sea. To get to Vancouver Island, the tunnel would have to go at least 250m deep. This is a technological order of magnitude away, if not an impossibility. A tunnel to Vancouver Island would have to be a bored tunnel, be by far the longest in the world, and go to depths under the sea that only few short tunnels have tried before. This might be possible, but it is not simple.

  2. Richard says:

    The total length of the inland portion of a bored tunnel could be as low as 3 km. So even the longer 33-km-long, direct route from the city of Vancouver to Vancouver Island may be considerable. But the shorter route from just north of the border between Point Roberts, USA and Canada, would still be the most reasonable, because the total length of the tunnel could be as low as 20 km. Costs for such a tunnel would be over 10 billion (Canadian) dollars less than a direct tunnel link between the city of Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

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