Some interim measures …

… just to tie the situation over until the Connector is up and running. These are not in order of importance, and any can be put in place, not depending of each other !

All ferries that can be replaced with a bridge or tunnel to be transferred to Highways with a mandate to run until a Fixed Link is completed.

All terminals affected transferred to Highways or respective municipalities, they can all do a better job, Langdale included.

Facilities for the passenger only ferry must be made avaliable in Langdale together with parking, without dely.

Specific to the Langdale run, this must be a 24 hour run, with discounts on the night ferries.

Commuting residents must have a priority lane. Powell River residents included.

Local business, trucks, deliveries must also have a priority lane. Trades and serice people commuting in both directions.

We love and rely on tourist and visitors, but with the present ferry system lack of tourist understanding, (trying to find a nice way to say it) they can not handle the tourist traffic, never mind a normal week end traffic.

The coast must first look after its own transportation service needs to sustain as a living community.

Booking as it is now does not do anything, a waste of time and money.

BCF have to stop selling return tickets, that are not all used, only one way tickets can be sold.

The local community decides when and how often to run the ferries, as seasonal demands direct.

This has nothing to do with a BCF profit/loss statement, but serving a lifeline, a main artery to the communities affected, at any cost.

In the long run this can only be served with a Fixed Link. The long run started a while ago, and we are living in it now, with a service that is an embarrassment to the elected, and a disaster to some of the communities served.



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