BC Ferries owes me and you millions, many millions!

I don’t know how long this has been going on, but it is a long time, and it is wrong, very wrong!

The fact is: When you purchase a ticket in Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, they sell you a return ticket (or a ticket to Powell River), this without telling anybody! The ticket says: “HB to Langdale”. In my case this one ticket: $ 60.30 No mention of a welcome on board, or that the ticket can get me to Powell River, or indeed a return to HB. Lots of room on the ticket to print “Return”. (Many other routes served by BCF have the same rip off) http://www.bcferries.com/files/fares/pdf_format/BCF_Fares.pdf

BC Ferries have taken $ 30.15 of my money! I only wanted a one way trip to the Sunshine Coast. Not from. If I die before returning to HB, or as passenger only, the money is gone. BCF did not deliver what they sold me. Multiply this with all and every residents on the SC? A lot of money owed? Multiply this with a long time? Can the BCF pay this back with interest?

I drove my old Mercedes up here, took the plates off, and might never drive it back to HB. BCF owes me $ 30.15 for the car. Multiply that with all cars that end up on the SC and never returns. A lot of cars. Then add all the people that paid a lot of money for a house trailer and a boat that never returned! And a mobile home! And a larger truck! And any trailer! They have all paid for a return ticket! All this money is now in BCF deep pockets. Some of these are owed $ 200 and more, x how many?

A weekend visitor will be out of pocket the amount for a few days. Some residents for a month or two. Some annual travellers for a year. Some will never get their money back. Every auto you see on the Coast x $ 35 or more ? Every person half of their fare! Any judge would say: Give them their money back!

Where does BCF keep this money they have taken out of our pockets without telling us why?  In a Trust account for us? What happens to Corp. that steal our money? They have taken our money directly into general revenue of BCF Corp.? Where does it show up on their annual statements? The Balance Sheet? They now owe us the money! Is this money reserved for the SC service?

Don’t blame the Government. BCF is a Corporation. They have left themselves open for a Class Action Suit for many millions of dollars. They have taken money from every resident on the SC, every family, every car owner, and every business, for a long time! I like ferries, lived with them all my life. Some are not serving the communities as they were set up to do. A link like a highway, This main artery is severely clogged.

1000’s of cars are wrecked on the SC over time. They are usually crushed and returned on a truck that have paid its return ticket. We want a refund of the fare ticket of all these cars! Same with boats, trailers and other hauls that have paid their way for a return that never happened. We can go back in time to when this scam was initiated, and start to add up what BCF owes the SC residents. Other destinations the same.

If the BCF ran two smaller faster ferries to and from Langdale on the hour every hour, 24 hours, and a fast passenger only ferry to downtown, some locals could live with that. I can and will not. Residents and any industry and business deserve a Fixed Link.

And do not forget, the lower SC is just a bypass to upper SC, Powell River, and the Comox Mid island residents and visitors.

BCF Corp. might just owe us enough to build a Fixed Link, with all the money they save on operating and maintaining old, and building new ferries in Europe. The environment would also like a Connector.

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2 Responses to BC Ferries owes me and you millions, many millions!

  1. howesoundsubs says:

    So what’s the alternative? Bring back the ticket booths at Langdale and Earl’s Cove? Make the whole process SLOWER, if that were possible? What do you think that the on time record would look like if they had everyone stop and pay both ways?

    If I buy a car in town and drive it to the the Coast, then go to town and back 4 times a year for 12 years, and then suddenly it dies and goes to Car Valhalla at the top of the Bypass, then I will have overpaid an estimated $30 amortized over 48 trips, or about $0.75 per trip.

    You posted your item two days early.

  2. davevan says:

    The ticket is not a return ticket, only the fare is. You need a separate ticket to make the return trip.

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