Any better reason for a Fixed Link ?

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Hi Marcus, I’m one of almost an entire generation of Sunshine Coast youth that went off to post secondary school and never came back. I will suggest that the ‘drug abuse and civil crime’ issues I witnessed and occasionally participated in while growing up on the Sunshine Coast were at least partially due to the fact that the region is so isolated (more so drug abuse in my case). Young people are bored out of their minds and they know they will have to leave their friends and family behind if they want to pursue careers outside of trades, forestry, or restaurants. Knowing you will have to leave your family , friends, town, and life behind is not a healthy mind-state for young people to live under. For those who stay, having your peer group torn apart by economic and educational realities can’t be healthy either. Furthermore, growing up in a claustrophobic village environment with small peer groups does not help, and while residents fear growth, a bridge and the growth it would facilitate would go some way towards alleviating that atmosphere. It is often said best thing about the Coast is knowing everyone, but that it is also simultaneously one of the worst things… I am fairly comfortable in my career now, making a good wage. I look at the housing prices in Vancouver and shudder. A bridge (or bridges) might just be the only thing that brings me and my disposable income back to the town I used to call home. Not interested vehicle and passenger ferries, they’re one of the reasons I left.

I am so touch by this letter that I do not know what to do! Please pass it on to the people that can do something, your councils and community groups. I will work to get you a Fixed Link. This is more than just overdue transportation infrastructure, creating jobs and sustaineable living conditions: Thereby helping to solve major social issues in the communities.

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2 Responses to Any better reason for a Fixed Link ?

  1. angelo says:

    Over the past two decades of our life on the sunshine coast we have seen dozens of families witness their children leave the coast for school and work elsewhere in BC. It happened to us as well.

    The idyllic life of those who choose to retire here is increasingly tinged with disappointment as visits from children and grandchildren become ever more scarce.

    The ferry system does NOT exist to provide isolationists with a rural lifestyle. BC ferries exists to provide marine transport and there is no mandate to do so when a road alternative is viable.

    If there’s anything this coast should rally around it’s the unshackling of our community from this unaffordable, unreliable and unnecessary ferry system.

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