Connected 24 hours – imagine !

Everybody living on the Sunshine coast know painfully that they do not live in a 24 hr. world. And including some lower mainland people that like to visit or work on the Coast. People in the rest of Canada think we have road connections, we are after all part of the mainland.

Our highway is now closed 90% of the time, the ferries providing a 10% window to commute, more or less. Including a lot of waiting, and traffic conjestion in Horseshoe Bay. This will now be spread over 24 hr. on the Sea to Sky.

Included all the traffic to and from the Comox Ferry, and of course Powell River. We on the lower Coast are just the providers of their transit. The bypass highway must be built at the same time.

Most people will never know how it is to live in a community that is not connected to the rest of the world. It strangles you and the your communities slowly, as the opportunities for employment, education, entertainment, sports, social and an economic base, disapperes.

Can you now try to imagine how it would be like to have a 4 line highway to a bridge/tunnel/ concrete tube that connects you to the Sea to Sky and the lower mainland and Vancouver 24 hours ?

The industry and economics in our communities are totally dependent on a Fixed Link road transport. No Ferries can provide that. Except of course, a fast passenger ferry to downtown when you don’t need your car.

Think of the jobs it would create. Not measured in 100’s but in 1000’s. What a nice place to live and work. Think of the savings in commuting. Think of filling up all the empty stores. Think of the savings to the environment. Even running the ferries on gas would not compare. And the savings of building and running new ferries.

For the Sunshine Coast to have a Connector to the other side of the mainland would create a positive impact on everybody. Just think of it !

Yes Thank you, for a 24 hour highway to Vancouver !

And in the future, expand it to mid Vancouver Island.


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