Grain terminal in Port Mellon

This could be the first terminal in Port Mellon. More would come as there is no more foreshore in Vancouver Harbour.

All we need is a Fixed Link.

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4 Responses to Grain terminal in Port Mellon

  1. howesoundsubs says:

    Of course grain terminals require rail access to site. This would be hard to justify given the extensive existing rail facilities in the Lower Mainland

    • Oddvin says:

      From day one, proposing a crossing of Howe sound, rail is included to serve Port Mellon. We can not expect any industry to establish there without rail, not even a major sawmill. The opportunity is now, with no more marine foreshore land in Vancouver Harbour. I think it would pay now to look at rail routed through one of the valleys to Brittania Beach or Squamish, there are a few to select from. (But not Capilano) Bypass the lower mainland and Vancouver area, including North and West Vancouver. This would also be something to think about for the oil and gas pipeline. A clean way to move it out of Burrard Inlet completely. Until then, have the traffic go through Pemberton and Squamish, and not through Vancouver

  2. howesoundsubs says:

    So where are the rail lines in the original three proposed Howe Sound crossings on the Maps and Charts page, or the bridges-via-Anvil Island option?

    • Oddvin says:

      In my opinion the only way to cross Howe Sound is at the only shallow area, at Porteau Cove to Potlacht Creek area. Road and rail in undersea tunnels, Concrete pipe on the seafloor or a bridge over the shipping lane, or a combination thereof. Rail in tunnel and auto traffic by bridge.
      A bridge must allow allship traffic, about 65 m. (Lions Gate 62 m.) over the shipping lane, the rest can be a causeway. Floating and submerged concrete pipes is also the way to connect Vancouver Island.

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