The future depend on a Fixed Link mainland to mainland

Not only the future of the Gibsons and Sechelt, moreso Powell River and the entire Sunshine Coast. And, what many does not think about, all the traffic from Comox and mid/north Vancouver Island. They all travel through our coast, and demand and deserve a bypass road.

Ferries are and will be the main transport link for many places, mostly islands. Where a Connector can be built over or under water, one save a lot of time, and it is a much greener solution.

The Fixed Link to Powell River will save two ferries. The Link in the near future, to mid Vancouver Island will save one or two more.  Horseshoe Bay can manage with Nanaimo and Bowen ferries. The Langdale traffic will be spread over 24 hours on the Sea to Sky.

All this is Federal Transport Infrastructure that is long overdue. Build it now.

The extra benefits is to get deep sea port traffic moved out of Vancouver Harbour to Port Mellon, and a link to Woodfibre LNG. This alone will pay for most  of the cost, and create the jobs we need to support our employment and taxbase.

The ferries have been our main arthery until now. A really nice way to travel when you have all the time in the world, and not worried about the cost or the enviroment. Now outdated, not always reliable, and clogged half of the time.

Ready for a major bypass operation right now to save our communities !

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