Anvil Island Bridge Proposal

This is one of the first proposals, and a good one, using Anvil Island, Ferries vs. Bridges (2), a central location in Howe Sound. This would be a spectacular crossing, with two mini Golden Gates.


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2 Responses to Anvil Island Bridge Proposal

  1. Alex says:

    Interesting concept. Anyone knows what are the exact 3 proposals? Why not a bridge over Bowen Island instead of Anvil Island? It would take care of Bowen Island ferries too. Two birds with one stone. Folks could have an exit to Bowen island or continue towards Gibsona over a 2nd Bridge. Anvil island is not habitable so routing a bridge and road through there is not exactly essential.

  2. Oddvin says:

    A Bowen Island crossing is one of many options that will be looked at. My understanding is that they will look at any and all options for a crossing.

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