Our Connector – our Fixed Link, how many reasons do we need ?

Not in order of importance:

  1. The Link itself. The lifeline to the coast, essential for any jobs and development. Nobody in their right mind will establish any industrial venture that is dependant on the ferries.
  2. Deep Sea Port in Port Mellon. To take some preassure out of Vancouver Harbour, and free up some very valuable land. Most important for creating new jobs on the Sunshine Coast.
  3. We on the Coast are not an Island, but part of the mainland. We want to come and go anytime we want to, not dependant on ferry shedules.
  4. With rail to Port Mellon, this would alone justify and pay for the total construction cost.
  5. Woodfibre LNG would benefit greatly, so would the Coast from the jobs.
  6. The Link would be the main contributor to renew industrial and economic development in Gibsons, Sechelt and Powell River, benefitting the whole Sunshine Coast.
  7. Bypass road to Powell River. No ferries. Come and go when you want to.
  8. Connect same bypass road with a future Fixed Link to Vancouver Island via Nelson and Texada Islands to Comox. The future is here now, plan and built it.
  9. Vancouver Island traffic going east, would turn left after the bridge, pass Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and head to Pr. George Edmonton or Kamloops Calgary and on to their final destinations. Bypass the lower mainland totally.
  10. Natural extention of Trans Canada Highway 1. Part of the western mainland.
  11. Relief pressure at Horseshoe Bay. All Langdale traffic spread on to the Sea to Sky over 24 hr. period. Great savings at the terminal. Less conjestion on the roads.
  12. Fast passenger vessel Langdale to downtown Vancouver for commuters without cars. A green and natural solution.
  13. BC Ferries/Province will save on high operating cost of running and building new ferries. An indirect saving to the tax payer.
  14. A much greener way of travelling. Savings on the environment.
  15. Many from the Coast would go to Squamish for shopping at the larger stores, free of the Vancouver rush.
  16. Coasters could go to Vancouver to take in a show, game, meeting, dinner, airport, school, visit or whatever, and drive back home when they wanted to.
  17. Lower mainlanders could visit the Coast on day trips, and not having to rely on the ferries, a nightmare on long weekends and holidays.
  18. No more emty storfronts on the Coast. House and property owners would benefit, but most of all, jobs will be created.
  19. And do not worry. The municipalities would handle zoning and development in an orderly way, no goldrush.
  20. I thought of 5 reasons when I started ! There are many many more. Make your list and I will post it here !
  21. And who should travel free ? Students, seniors, medical appointments, sport teams, buses, taxis ? And you only pay for each car, does not matter of how many in the car.
  22. The bridge /tunnel/or concrete pipe woul be repaid in 12,5 years, at 20$ pr. vehicle, based on normal traffic estimates. The roadsystem would cost more than the actual crossing.
  23. This is to serve the communities, not a cash machine for the government. A fair toll and repayment schedule is ok.


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13 Responses to Our Connector – our Fixed Link, how many reasons do we need ?

  1. Jason says:

    linking to the lower mainland by connecting the Port Mellon and Squamish doesn’t fix the current problem, it is too far. If we are thinking of the advantages of the fixed link, the connector should be short and direct; the link of Gibsons, Keats island and Bowen island is the best and has apparent benefits.

  2. Oddvin says:

    Yes, it was my first choice. But, the deep channels, Island trust, 4 lane traffic through downtown Gibsons, tie in to Woodfibre LNG, deep sea port in Port Mellon with rail service, building cost, and a few other serious issues changed my mind.
    The important thing is to provide a fast passenger only service for everybody that does not need a car downtown Vancouver. See sample: http://www.braa.no/

  3. Srw says:

    Was this written by a twelve year old? If so, I congratulate the spirit of your imagination. Hopefully you will grow up to have some great ideas – perhaps not as silly as this one, but it’s great minds that think like this at such a young age!

    (If this wasn’t written by a twelve year old…then this province is doomed…)

    • Oddvin says:

      Had my 71 year birthday party today; seen, learned, experienced and know a lot on this subject, may be more than most.
      And thank you, but I do not want to be 12 again.
      I assure you that I am a single voice like you, and not part of any conspiracy. But this will happen. It is called progress. The 12 year olds of today will thank us, they are the ones that will really benefit.

  4. Ken says:

    Just stop. Don’t make this your life’s work. You are totally off on the costs (which will be vastly different if and when ground is ever broken).

    All your other points are irrelevant based on this fact.

    The debt bomb is going to go off and being away from the city is the only thing that will save communitis.

  5. Gordon Jillings says:

    Please keep the Langdale route because it is making money

  6. Oddvin says:

    The Langdale ferry is not needed with a Fixed Link, but a fast passenger only ferry to downtown via Bowen and Horseshoe Bay is needed now

  7. Gordon Jillings says:

    It’s too expensive to do a fixed link to the Sunshine Coast and the waters in Howe sound is too deep and the bottom of Howe sound is too soft

  8. Gordon Jillings says:

    It’s too expensive to do roads and bridges to the sunshine coast

  9. Gordon Jillings says:

    Foot passenger ramps at Langdale need to be installed to improve on time ferry performances


    the ferry service should every hour

  11. Oddvin says:

    I fully agree, 24 hours, and priority loading for commuters and local truckers until a Fixed Link is in place.

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