Bridges in Norway with – much good info – simular coastline

Norway is a country of bridges! Norway’s topography is unique. Mountains, valleys, rivers and islands make bridges an integral part of our infrastructure. They are, in fact, a premise for freedom of movement and accessibility. In short, Norway is a country of more than 17,200 bridges – you simply can’t get very far without them.”

Very simular coastline and population to BC. More and more ferries replaced with tunnels and/or bridges, and fast passenger vessels like buses on the whole coast. More tunnels.

“Though significant in length the Solbakk will carry the least traffic of the tunnels; surprisingly for a tunnel this size it will initially see less than 10,000 cars/day and will have only two lanes in each bore, one for either direction. Such traffic levels are not unusual in Norway, which after all is a fairly small country in population terms, with 4.5 million people scattered along its vast length. Stavanger itself is a large city for Norway although small by international standards. Commuters currently use a 45-minute ferry crossing into the city.”

The Missing Link

Image result for simple concrete undersea roads tunnels

Pic 1

Some of these samples are more suited for a Fixed Link from the Sunshine Coast via Texada to Comox on Cancouver Island.


Tunnel segments sealed off, ready to be floated to site, and sunk into place.

A Fixed Link – Connector – tunnel – concrete pipe or Bridge !

“They are, in fact, a premise for freedom of movement and accessibility.”

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