Bridge to replace The George Massey Tunnel

Bridge to replace Massey Tunnel  Do we have all the facts here ?

 Rendering of a proposal for a bridge over the Fraser River to replace the George Massey Tunnel.

TranBC Proposal does not mention that the bridge is to facilitate larger vessels up the South Fraser river.

I see no reason to replace the tunnel with a very costly bridge to allow larger ships, like coal and LNG ships up the South Arm of the Fraser. Build another tunnel on the side.

The money for this bridge could pay for a bridge that we are proposing, connecting the Sunshine Coast. That will give BC and the whole coastal community a real sosio-economic boost. We are part of the mainland, not an island.

LNG, coal and other commodities should be located at Woodfibre, Squamish and Port Mellon. The Fraser is more valuable as our main clean river. Commercial shipping could be replaced with tourist paddle-wheelers.

“Build it – They will come !”

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2 Responses to Bridge to replace The George Massey Tunnel

  1. Christine says:

    This project is already underway and there is no going back. they will not redirect funds from it for our Coast Connector no matter how badly we need it. Construction companies that work in infrastructure are already putting in bids on this project… I absolutely support this venture but I can tell you for sure that the funding will not come from anything allocated for the Massey tunnel.

    I support Ryan Medd’s approach as well – a tolled highway that is privately funded in addition to government funding if that’s what it’s going to take! I’m very happy to hear that a feasibility study is underway as stated in the Sept. 10th issue of The Local paper!

    • Oddvin says:

      My comments should have been worded better, I wanted to show that large transportation projects are in progress and being funded. So should our connector. I also want deep sea vessels out of Fraser River. I have not seen Ryan Medd’s approach, but will try to find it.

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