6 months and no more !

A couple rented a U-Haul in Sechelt a week or so ago. I asked where they were going, and that was back to Alberta. They had just sold out in Alberta, and moved here 6 months ago.  They loved the coast, like we all do. They had kids going to school or university in Vancouver, and thought it would be easy to commute on the ferries. Their frustration over the ferries made them sell out at a great loss, and move back to Alberta.

I was so touched over their story that I did not have the guts to ask them to write a letter that I could publish here on this blog. I think of them every day. How many other resident leave the coast because of the same or similar problems. I know that they are not the only one.

They only way we can solve this problem is to build the bridge now, and even that is too late for some families.

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3 Responses to 6 months and no more !

  1. Terry says:

    Good crap. How could someone move to an isolated area knowing ferry is the only way in or out, and then decide after moving there it’s to hard to commute. Hate to see it, but they deserve the loss.

    • Oddvin says:

      You said it – an isolated area – yet part of the mainland – road provider to Powell River and mid Vancouver Island via Comox ferry – all dependent on a ferry service – I put you down as a may be supporter !

      • Terry says:

        It depends on the people that live there. Some moved for the peace and quiet and don,t want a bridge to bring Vancouver traffic. Others want it to do more business. After a referendum, and there is a yes vote, go for it. If a no vote, don,t.
        Good luck.

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