Sunshine Coast Connector

This idea started over 30 years ago, now developing it into a proposal, and we are prepared to take it to the next step.

What to do next ? 19.015 have looked at this home page in the last 9 months, as of today April 27.. 2015

6 persons have written and objected to any development, one not sure. (And one live on Vancouver Island). Everyone else in favor. All other like a road connection to the Mainland. Future connections possible to Powell River and Vancouver Island.

The Sunshine Coast is part of the Mainland, not an Island. The ferries provide a lifeline, but they can never provide what a road connection could: A normal way of life on the Sunshine Coast.

“We” are a small group of pensioners that are not in real estate or in any business to benefit at all. We just want to commute to and from Vancouver whenever we want to.

I for my deal, just want to see my grandchildren when I want to, in town, or they can visit here, and make the way home, day or night. May be a dinner, game or show in town, or late arrival, early departure at the airport. I just want to come and go to town when I want to.  We just want a road to Vancouver.

We are not against the ferries. We need them, and the coast community need them, and in addition, we also need a fast passenger only ferry to downtown.

The most suitable crossing is at Porteau Cove — Defence Islands – Potlach Creek – MacNab Creek – Port Mellon. Road and 3 short tunnels. ( A longer private tunnel to Woodfibre)

Most of the area is Squamish and Sechelt First Nation Lands. Some on actual Reserves. Nothing can be done without the fully support, approval and participation of the Native Bands. That is the new political reality. They control the approval process at every stage, therefore they should be the lead agency.

They also have to be the main shareholders in this venture. They will benefit greatly in the future land development, much of that from Deep Sea Ports developments, real estate, sustainable resource, tourism and general sosio economic development of the whole coast.

The province of BC should be another partner. BC would profit in so many ways. More than I will try to explain here.

The Sunshine Coast would prosper and develop to its fully economic potential, generate tax revenues. The ferries can never enable that. Only a road connection can.

The relaxed coastal community lifestyle would still be retained, we are just too far away to become a bedroom community. The local governments control development with zoning and supply of services.

BC Ferries must run smaller, faster and “greener” vessels on these runs, passengers only. That would be a financial and ecological benefit. They would not have to replace two aging ferries. Choice of a road or ferry would benefit all. Time and cost would be about the same. But, in the long run it is far less costly to maintain a road, than to run a ferry.

The crossing should have road, rail and bicycle lanes. Rail would enable serviced Deep Sea Ports in Squamish, Woodfibre, MacNab Creek and Port Mellon. These ports could service grain, coal, oil, LNG, gas, potash, lumber and more, and in addition container traffic; moving them out of Vancouver, Port Moody and Fraser River, to safer ports, safer marine traffic lanes, using newer safer, and larger vessels.

The construction would be a floating concrete tunnel, anchored in the shallow area from Porteau Cove to Defence Islands. Partly submerged to let ships pass above. With two lanes east, two west and double rail, possible pipelines, and a service lane that would be designated for bicycles, apart from during emergency situations.

“We” think that the ownership should be a partnership between the two Native Nations and The Province of BC. They stand to gain most.

The financing would be done by an International Fund that do these type of infrastructure financing. Their pay back will be by in form of a toll. The construction company will be decided by the owners and the financiers. Once completed the maintenance could be done by the same company, or by BC Highways.

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3 Responses to Sunshine Coast Connector

  1. Steve says:

    The bridge is the only solution. Build it already.

    • Bruce Armstrong says:

      It is a solution for commuters, until we are so overbuilt, Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, come to mind and in 5 years you are stuck in traffic again. The Alex Fraser bridge is a perfect example, it made a few land owners rich, and let me say, growth, sprawl in particular, is not a legitimate way to make money, nor is it sustainable. I think its pretty arrogant to move to a community and attempt to change its very character. Bruce Armstrong, Gibsons B.C.

      • Oddvin says:

        Hopefully Steve will reply. But, I like to make some comments. A fast passenger ferry – ( – here is a link to one) – will be the solution for most commuters. We are a coastal community, and will always be so. I trust the local governments to regulate a sound future. We are also the link to Powell River and Mid Vancouver Island. I came first to the coast in 1966 and felt at home, the best place in the world to live, with a road connection.

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