“Test drive” a concrete pipe tunnel

Test drive” a concrete pipe tunnel under a deep fjord. Article in SMP.no

SØRE  Per OveStige Mobil: 92042369 Publisert: 01.06 2015 13:23 Sist oppdatert: 01.06 2015 13:53   Google translate:

14 meters subsea surface, what will be world’s first pipe tunnel under a fjord help tie together søre (south) Sunnmøre and Nordfjord to one workforce of 70,000 people.

Vanylven Development has no received laga ein video showing how this can be, see above.

Offshore vessels are about five meters deep, the worlds largest cruise ships ships 9.5 meters deep. And Åramsundet is estimated at 13 meters. So 14 meters should be enough to go on. No boats in the vicinity of the core pipe tunnel, underlines shop manager Tor Inge Nygård in Vanylven Development.

We are confident and feel that the project is mature, absolute, victory Nygård.

Will show the way
Municipal plans are dealt with by local councils in Sande and Vanylven just over summer vacation.

– We have not just ein ambition to be first in the world with so ein pipe tunnel, we also have ambitions to develop flytebrukonseptet. We call this a communications laboratory, experts believes will act as ein pilot for the large and complex fjordkrysningene – for example E39 – both with regard to technology and price, says project manager Svein Gjelseth in a press release.

Leader: New regulations rules for vegfinansiering

Solvik-Olsen: – Not ready
Rovde Fjord bridge can provide Hafast responses
The fourth good News for Rovde Fjord Sambandet

The construction start is it impossible to say anything about, believes Tor Inge Nygård.

– If it’s up to us, it is estimated start no later than 2018, he says.

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One Response to “Test drive” a concrete pipe tunnel

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi am new to the Sunshine Coast it would be amazing if they built the bridge.would be cheaper on everybody and if anybody had doctors appt in the Vancouver area they would not need to take the ferry to go for test they can drive and not worry about if the goin to miss the ferry I think the highway would be bennificial.

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