letter of support

My Gosh,
Just found your web site and was absolutely thrilled. I can’t remember who said it, maybe Einstein, but if he had a choice between knowledge or imagination, imagination would win out.
This makes sense and I know we would keep our wonderful community intact. The “complainers”, in my opinion, do not want to share our way of life with anyone……almost a NIMBY type of attitude…..they just want to be hoarders.
Just think that if we made this bit of paradise just a little more assessable, other people may want to raise their families here. Just think that the streets may have children on them again. Just think that with an increase in our tax base from new business we may finally have some affordable social housing. Just think, we may actually have a vibrant community, employment, theatre for the mind and restaurants for the body and “mindfulness” of what we have we should share for the soul.
I would love to help in any way that I can.

Thank you. I tried to post this as a comment on the right side, but ?

I also love the coast. But our main artery  (BC Ferries) is clogged, coastal communities are dying. The only solution as I see it, is to build a bridge with a highway and a four lane bypass.

(We have no tourism industry anymore, they are now mostly all friends and family visiting, and that less and less, because of the cost and time. At our main beach, Davies Bay, the fish and chips place have been closed for 3 years, and the is a sign in the restaurant window of the largest motel on the coast right at the end of the new dock. Sign of the times )

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