Some ask – how can we improve the ferries ? – we depend on them

Build bridges and tunnels wherever possible. It is much less costly in the long run. This will provide a greener, faster, 24 hr. connection that would enable the communities and the residents to live a normal coastal life, and sustain the business community.

The sosio-economic impact on business, culture, recreation, families, education and sport would be like living on the mainland. That is all we ask.

The ferries servicing the areas that can be serviced by tunnel and bridge, should be taken out of the Ferry Corp. and made part of the Ministry of Highways. Including the terminals, with a mandate to build the fast links asop. And by the way, these ferries are all free, part of our highways.

Sunshine Coast, not an island, but part of the mainland. Saltspring, Denman, Hornby, Gabriola and other islands, are just a few I would start with.

Turn all the other terminals over to the respective municipalities. They should be owned and operated by the owners and the people affected by the lifeline they serve. They will tax operators to use them.

Then the terminal owners can license any ferry operators, on short or long term.

BC Ferries would bid on a service, as could any other ferry corporation, using their own ferries. No more monopoly.

If a ferry service would want to build and own their own terminal, let them. Many fast passenger ferries would ply the Georgia Straight this way.

The BC Ferry Corp. could still be a major server, but not nearly the only one. Some competition would indeed be good for them.

The future is here and now.

The Sunshine Coast and other Coastal Communities have suffered long enough.

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