Words first: Battery operated ferry !

Ship of the year 2014 Verdens første batteridrevne ferje, «ZeroCat 120».

SMP.no newspaper article. Ship of the year 2014 Worlds first battery operated ferry, «ZeroCat 120».  Google Translate

Fjellstrand – builder of fast passenger vessels, and more.

While The BC Ferry Corp. are building gas ferries in Poland, Norway are building same size ferries, run with batteries ! These should be built in BC.

This is the Ship of the Year 2014
Rolls - Royce Marine Ulsteinvik propellers Norway, developed the
world's first electric ferry .BUSINESS   Herøy News
Published : 10:09 2014 2:10 p.m. Last Updated :10:09 2014 2:25 p.m.
The world's first battery-powered ferry , " ZeroCat 120 " is 
assigned journal Skipsrevyen Rate Ship of the Year 2014 award was
presented Wednesday at the world's largest shipping exhibition 
SMM in Hamburg.

Rolls - Royce Marine Ulsteinvik has contributed to the 
development of innovative ferry with custom thrusters. 
In addition, Rolls - Royce contributed consulting in hull design
and hydrodynamics based on advanced analytics , the company said.

An important point in the development of the ferry was to use a
propulsion system that requires the lowest energy consumption
under the fjord crossing , while still ensured safe and 
efficient maneuvering to and from the ferry dock . This is 
important so that the battery pack will not be too big, 
heavy and bulky , says Rolls - Royce said in a statement.
The ferry shall traffic in the Sognefjord from 1 January .

Special Thrusters
The vessel has a thruster in each end of one catamaran hull.
Thruster is the first with a propeller that can be adjusted to
sail position.

This means that the four blades on the forward Azipull
thruster ( not in use during speed ) is adjusted to an angle
that produces minimal resistance from the water flow . To
achieve a further reduction in energy consumption , the
hydraulic control of the steering gear has been replaced 
with electric control , said Rolls- Royce.

In addition, the hull design given room to install propellers
with larger diameter than is usual on a shuttle ferry . 
The result is better propulsion efficiency and thus less 
energy from the batteries .

The ferry has capacity for 120 cars and 360 passengers and
will operate at around 10 knots.
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