More ideas on crossing the fjords


Even the mighty  Sognefjord (over 1300 m deep) can be crossed by a single giant span of 3,700 meters, according to the project management for E39.

How will the bridge could look like from the sea. Notice the two bridge-bodies with wide rods between.

HENGEBRU. Med utgangspunkt i kryssing av Sognefjorden er det nå klart at hengebru teknisk sett kan brukes til å krysse alle fjordene langs Ferjefri E39. ILLUSTRASJON: STATENS VEGVESEN

The middle span is twice as long as the worlds longest bridge.


Harald Vikøyr – VG
Published: 01/13/2013 15:13, Updated: 13/01/2013 3:13 p.m.
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It is fully possible to build an ordinary but giant suspension bridge over the mighty Sognefjord. Suspension cable can be made with a new super steel which is under investigation in Korea.

– Yes, we have confirmed by our engineers that such a bridge is buildable, project manager for ferry free  E39, Olav Ellevset of Public Roads.

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There is no guarantee that such a huge suspension bridge – with a center span of 3.7 kilometers – can be listed. But after careful consideration of technical solutions, broseksjonen the NPRA country that yes, it is possible.

Good control

– The challenges are among other problems when a long design twist, or coming in sideways oscillation. This could get out of control in that they are certain wind speeds amplifier itself. But we believe that we have good control of this now explains Ellevset.
WORLD’S LONGEST: Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan with a main span of 1991 meters world’s longest suspension bridge. Total length of the bridge is 3911 meters.
Photo: Jiji-PRESS 
Lidvard Skorpa, which is responsible for the fjord crossing part of the project to investigate a ferry free highway along the coast from Kristiansand to Trondheim, said: Pontoon bridge and pipe bridge are  among the options to cross the Sognefjord Fjord . Public Roads are also stydying pipe bridge and pontoon bridge, and a combination.

Project Olav Ellevset think that is the right option can be clearly evaluated and selected already in 2016.

Pipe bridge:

Will be in the water, hanging in floating pontoons. Hitting the land under water. Will feel like driving in a concrete tunnel. One problem is that the fjord is 1300  meter deep, and it is difficult to stiffen the pipe network by rods to the bottom. Will also be prone to shipwrecks, or large landslide triggers tsunami in the fjord.

Pontoon bridge:

Want to stand on floating foundations in the sea, yet be so high that a tourist ships can go under. Expensive to anchor to the deep sea bottom, exposed vessels breakdowns and fjord tsunami.


Going partly by pipeline under v pontoon bridge. This let vessel pass over, without a high bridge. Ships need sailing depth.

– It’s pretty amazing that we all have come here – that we now believe that we can achieve it. But to build a big bridge is to cross many boundaries, here we go into something that has not been done before.

The bridge is drawn on the sketch, consisting of two parallel bridge beams, each with a roadway. These are linked to powerful cross-beams, explains Ellevset:

– We have no traffic base for such a wide bridge, but it will have to be as wide to be stiff enough. That it can pass the air between the two bridge beams, is also beneficial to how the bridge will behave in high winds.

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Ellevset points out that a suspension bridge has several advantages – it has both far the lowest maintenance cost and best known technology.

– We are used to construct tall towers, though not as tall as 455 m., he said.

One challenge will be the thickness of the two bearing steel cables: The 1310 meter long Hardanger Bridge currently has steel cables that are 60 cm thick. If the same type of cable to be used for Sognefjord Bridge, the cable had to be at 1.3 meters thick. Yes, the dimensions are so large that the carrying cable alone accounts for a large part the bridge’s weight.

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– We are now working on research in cooperation with the Public Roads Administration in Korea to find a steel alloy that is 20 to 30 percent stronger, which could reduce the thickness and weight of suspension cables, says Ellevset.

World’s longest suspension bridge is the 3911 meter long Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan. It has a center span of 1,991 m. Will the bridge across the Sognefjord reality, it will have a center span that is more than twice as long.


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Bridging Howe Sound would give a fixed road connection  Vancouver – Sunshine Coast.

But, under sea Tunnels are easier to build and maintain.

Eikesund Tunnel, deepest in the world, 7,765 m long and  287 m deep.

The sea dept in upper Howe Sound, and between Horsehoe Bay – Bowen – Gambier – Langdale are similar to a long serving tunnel system  (take a u-tube drive through) built in the eighties in Aalesund, Norway.

Sub sea tunnels in Norway , and  road tunnels, the worlds longest is 24,5 km.

How many km. from Mc Nab Creek to Squamish, or Potlach Creek with a crossing to Porteu Cove.

A combination could also link  Mid Vancouver Island to the Sunshine Coast.

The beginning of a coastal highway to Pr. Rupert.

Wikipedia “An undersea tunnel is a tunnel that goes under the sea , a river or a lake . The term “underwater” is also sometimes used the tunnels that go deeper than the sea level, although the tunnels do not cross water.

Undersea tunnels is often cheaper to build than bridges , so long as the water depth is not too great. Undersea tunnels are often chosen where one considers that the bridges will spoil the landscape or be inappropriate in other ways. Requirements for sailing height is one of the factors that may cause the tunnel is chosen over bridge. Some places also elected a combination of bridge and undersea tunnel. Examples include mainland connection between Giske municipality and Ålesund , Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden , and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in the USA .

The most common way to build underwater tunnels is to drill / blast tunnel tube from each side, as the tunnels in the mountains are built on land. Where water depth is small and the soil conditions are suitable, the undersea tunnel be built as large metal pipe that is buried in the seabed / riverbed and welded together to form a tunnel. Such immersed tunnels may also consist of concrete. Norway’s first submerged tunnel is Bjørvika tunnel in Oslo , which was completed in 2010 .”

Think of it next time you are waiting for the ferry,

and it could cost you less  !

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