A road to and from Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast

I am getting good feedback from this site, and the articles below. I have not meet a single person that does not want a road connection.

The obvious road connector is now a bridge from the Porteau Cove area, crossing over to  the Defence Islands the Sunshine Coast Mainland. The relative shallow waters are ideal for a crossing. A bridge, starting with height for any size ship, and down to a water level crossing over to Potlach Creek. The alternative to a bridge is a tunnel, or a part floating concrete tunnel where ships cross over. The engineers will decide the best alternative.

Potlach Creek to McNab Creek is definitely a tunnel. From McNab to Port Mellon some say a road can be built, but a tunnel does not cost any more, easy to build and maintain, and safe to drive.

The best ferry system can not sustain the way of life the residence on the Sunshine Coast deserve to maintain normal living and business requirements, and certainly not provide for any growth. Only a highway can secure a quality way of life, with unrestricted travel at any time, day and night.

A new bypass road will have to be built, but with some road improvements, and with direct commercial ferries from Horseshoe Bay to Saltery Bay and Comox, the local road pressure will be tolerated with mostly local, tourist and recreational vehicles.

The Coquihalla and the new Alex Fraser Bridge are major successful  projects, the Sunshine Coast Connector would be a relative small project in comparison. Both financed with toll until paid.

The toll on this connector would be half of the ferry cost,

and a pleasure to pay, a nice drive, any time.

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13 Responses to A road to and from Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast

  1. cameron hood says:

    Shouldn’t it be narrower, have three lanes, and be closed half the time because of accidents? It’s Vancouver, after all; it should fit in with the existing infrastructure.

  2. Oddvin says:

    Fine, could be designated Highway 1., Trans Canada

  3. rg pr says:

    Aside from there being absolutely no desire here on the coast for a fixed link, I don’t know where you are but it’s obviously not anywhere near here, there is a compelling reason to consign fixed link talk to the rubbish-heap of history once and for all. Earthquake. Seismic activity. That’s it. Boats continue to work after the event. Bridges and tunnels don’t. No options or what-ifs. Oh, don’t forget, a car-fire in a long tunnel kills hundreds. It’s happened before. I’ll leave the research to the student. (Hint: Switzerland & Japan…)

  4. Reto says:

    Re: “I have not meet a single person that does not want a road connection.”
    You obviously have never set foot on the sunshine coast.

  5. Oddvin says:

    Sorry rg pr, I do not agree. Floating bridges are may be the safest in an eartquake, car fires can happen also on a ferry.

  6. BCFGuy says:

    Great kick me out of a job…
    BC Ferry Worker…

    • Oddvin says:

      Dear BCFGuy,
      you have a job to do in BC for ever, we have many areas that can and should not be tunneled or bridged.
      Also many that should, like Bowen and Gambier that would only be in a combination to the coast, but too costly at this time.
      Gabriola and Saltspring should have bridges long time ago, Denman and Hornby and more.
      I actually will promote more ferries, Horseshoe Bay to Saltery Bay and Comox. Also fast passenger ferries.
      And most of all: All ferries should run 24 hrs., and be free as part of the Highway system. That would secure The BC Ferry Worker, but not entirely sure about your Board of Directors.
      Keep up the good work. Oddvin

    • Get another job on highway or bridge maintenance. Or maybe at the toll both of the highway or bridge. I’m sure there is another shipping company that could use a person of your talents and skills.

  7. Martin Henry. says:

    As a long time resident of the Sunshine coast, I have endured the inconvenience of being at the mercy of the B.C. Ferry System for far too long. I have had it up to here with the service we are now obliged to accept as a privilege, rather than a service, Is beyond the pale. For those of you who use the argument that 24/7 access would destroy the small town atmosphere of the area, Well wake up and look around you. That dream ended around 1990, when the first traffic light went up at the corner of School Road and North road. Although access to an area is one of the determining factors in area population, it is only part of the equation, The ability of the water supply to sustain a population, the school system, as well as many other parts of the puzzle. So give me a fixed link.

  8. Oddvin says:

    Thank you Martin, it is more people like you that will make it happen sooner than later. We do deserve a connector.

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